Michelle Obama – The First Female President?

9 10 2008

After Barack Obama is President for eight years, what about Michelle being President? She has the resume: Princeton University and Harvard Law School graduate, worked for a law firm, on the staff of the Mayor of Chicago, and for the University of Chicago and University of Chicago Hospitals. She will have had 8 years of experience as First Lady and I’m sure Michelle will make her mark by doing things that make a positive difference for Americans.

Besides the fact that Michelle is incredibly intelligent, she sets the right tone. She is personable, caring, engaging, knowledgeable, inclusive, never blaming, commanding, and likeable. She is a mother who puts her children’s needs first and makes sure that she and her husband spend maximum time with them and make it all about them when they do. She is a loving and supportive wife, suspending her own work to help her husband campaign and taking delight when she sees him.

Those are all wonderful qualities, but why would they make her a good President? She is trustworthy. She knows what is important and she is passionate about what is important – her children, her husband, and her country. She has not only the brains, but exercises good judgment in how she conducts her life and interacts with others.

I have never heard Michelle say that she has any political aspirations, but I have to think that she would be fantastic at it. I saw her last night being interviewed on Larry King and on The Daily Show and the woman is thoughtful, gracious, brilliant, and incredibly engaging. She is a woman who I and other women want to emulate. She inspires. She is a definite asset to Barack, but she is also in her own right (as Larry King called her) EXTRAORDINARY.

So I say Michelle Obama for President in 2016!




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