Barack Obama – Calm, Steady, Presidential

12 10 2008

The world is in the midst of an enormous financial crisis. 401ks, life savings, jobs, banks, and businesses are vanishing before our eyes. Barack Obama is the calm, steady hand we need to lead our country out of a near-depression, a 10-billion-dollar-a-month war in Iraq, and a 10+ trillion dollar national deficit.

Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic and columnist for the UK’s Sunday Times has written a brilliant article for today’s Times about Obama’s calm and how he does not panic.

I am in awe of Obama. His challengers try and provoke him and he does not take the bait. McCain runs negative ads against him and Obama says he trusts the American people…that they are smart enough to see through all that. McCain calls him “THAT ONE” in the debate and Obama just smiles and lets it roll off his back. Obama just does not get ruffled.

His opponents try and paint him as too cool or elite. It’s been so long since we’ve had a calm, intelligent, and thoughtful president that the Republicans make that sound scary.

Republicans, the fear-mongering and swift boating just won’t work against Obama. He’s just too smart for you. He’s assembled a brilliant team of people who are just as steady and calm as he is. They are in it to win and they will win.

23 days. Calm. Steady. Stay the course. Focus on the issues. Let McCain and Palin flail in desperation. I can’t wait to have an intelligent, methodical, mature, and honest president. President Obama. Just who our country needs.




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12 10 2008

Sorry to be so blunt, but you and millions of others are blind to who this man is. The writing is on the wall, but you refuse to see it.

You say Obama is the “steady hand” we need. Tell me, what is his experience besides being able to deliver a speech?

14 10 2008

Well, I think all that “experience” was off the backs of the poor and Islamic connections he has. If that’s enough experience for you to vote for him, then that’s fine. My biggest problem is with the people who don’t have a clue why they are voting for him, or they are confused as to why, or just because he is black.

A perfect example of this is on my blog, I just posted this morning. It’s Sal from Howard Stern who went into Harlem and asked people on the street who they were voting for. All but one said Obama (of course), but the thing is, what he did was took McCain’s policies (pro-life and keeping troops in Middle East) and asked if that’s why they were voting for Obama and they all said “yes, that’s why.” Then asked if they liked Obama’s vice-president selection Sarah Palin and they all said yes they thought he had made a good pick.

In addition, he found one McCain supporter and he did the same thing with him, asking if McCain’s policies (which were Obama’s, pro-choice and pulling our troops out), adn he said “yes, that’s why I like McCain, then asked if McCain’s choice for VP being Joe Biden was a good pick and the guy said yes, he thought it was.

This ignorance is what I have a hard time dealing with. It’s just stupidity. I believe that this is not only true in Harlem, but is a reflection of the majority of Obama supporters across the nation. That’s what I think is scarry, that “ignorance” is going to elect our next president. They get their news from talk shows and entertainment shows.

At least you, however take it upon yourself to do research and pull up information that might not be in the media, but wnat to know more than what the mainstream media tells you. For this at least I say “thank you” for taking the initiative to find out more.

Questions for you though, since you support him:
1) Do you know that the first thing he said he was going to do is sign the Freedom of Choice Act into law, and if so, do you REALLY know what is in that bill, have you researched that for detail? That’s on my blog too.

2) Do you know he supports the Hate Crimes Legislation and what that means? Have you researched details about this too?

3) Do you know that small businesses will not benefit from the tax credit he is proposing, because of the tax burden he will put on them. They will not be able to hire new employees, so his plan will not work. Also that he is penalizing big business, who are the ones who actually create jobs, so therefore , they will not be able to create, but rather will cut more.

If you know these things in great detail and you still support him, then at least you know where he stands on the real issues. Good for you.

If not, however, then I challenge you to continue on your research attempts to know completely, what and who you are supporting.

18 10 2008

I replied to your last post, but I don’t see it. This happened on another site as well. I wonder where they go, because I can’t remember what all I said now.

I remember saying that the scarriest thing for me is not so much Obama getting in, but that Pelosi and Reed (and others) will be in total control.

Unfortuneatly for the ones who aren’t voting for him, it appears that he will win. I think the extreme leftist liberals will be very happy and satisfied, but that I can only hope the “ignorant” ones who will put him in office will see their mistake, only the bad thing about this is, he will already be in office.

19 10 2008

When I say “ignorant” it’s not meant to be an insult. If you will recall, I mentioned that at least you do your homework and research “reasons” to vote for him. I’m mostly referring to people who don’t do research or dig any further than entertainment shows and late night talk shows who don’t care to know any different. Right now, I see something that you don’t yet see and it won’t be known to millions of Obama supporters until after he has been in awhile and this country is brought to its knees in a collapsed economy.

Even then, however, I think the leftist extreme liberals I had mentioned will continue bask in their own glory, still blaming Bush, but for the other millions who put him in, these are the ones who I believe will finally realize their mistake and oversight. Only then it will be too late for this country to ever recover.

When I say “ignorant” I’m referring to a “lack of knowledge” or should I say “lack of desire” to know any different. That doesn’t have to be taken as an insult.

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