Rachel Maddow and Barack Obama

30 10 2008

I watched Dr. (and Rhodes Scholar) Rachel Maddow interview Harvard Law Review President Barack Obama tonight on her show. This was two highly intelligent, engaging, and informed intellectuals going head to head. There has been (by the McCain campaign) so much emphasis put on Obama being someone who can give a good speech and draw crowds. It’s easy to forget that Obama is also a tremendous scholar.

He graduated near the top of his class from Harvard Law School and was President of the Harvard Law Review – the highest honor there. He taught constitutional law at University of Chicago. Obama may turn out to be the most – or at least one of the most – intelligent president we have ever had (and I do believe he will be elected president).

Obama is well versed and knowledgeable about any topic that concerns the United States and Americans. He does not fumble or bumble like George Bush or even John McCain. When asked a question, Obama takes his time and formulates a well thought out answer. How refreshing. It has been an embarrassment to have a president who is the laughing stock of the world and who comedians have had a field day with because of his constant gaffes.

George Bush got by in the education system because of daddy…the same way that John McCain got by. Neither one of them is that intelligent. I’m surprised that McCain has lasted in Washington. I see the lack of discipline, intelligence, and rigor he has applied in running his campaign and I wonder why anyone thinks he could run a country. And don’t get me started on Sarah Palin’s 5th-grade-education intellect. As Bloomberg.com’s Margaret Carlson put it in an interview on MSNBC, Sarah Palin would make a good game show host…nothing more.

Obama has been masterful in heading up the most precise, disciplined, targeted, methodical, and far reaching campaign our country has ever seen. It speaks volumes of his ability to attract incredibly talented and smart people and to lead a juggernaut of a campaign. He has shown he can be the executive of a very large organization and drive it through challenging times to tremendous success. On the other hand, McCain has had an inept set of advisors, he made a huge and impetuous decision in picking Sarah Palin, and has run a shoddy, shoot-from-the-hip, waffling, out-of-control, and off-message campaign.

The other thing Obama is? A total gentleman. Rachel Maddow prodded him tonight to see if she could get him to speak badly about conservatives or the Republican party. He wouldn’t. He said there are parts of their idealogy that he doesn’t agree with, but that is as far as he would go. He said that he couldn’t present himself as only interested in attracting liberals. He wants to be the president of all people.

In Obama’s 30-minute infomercial, he never once said anything bad about his opponent or the Republicans – he didn’t even mention them. He focused on the positive things that he wants to do for the country.

McCain and Palin, on the other hand, fill their rhetoric with accusing Obama of this or that – mostly made up lies, stretching or twisting the truth, and snarly, sarcastic talk about him. Anytime I turn on the TV and see either one of them, it really turns me off. McCain uses – as Jon Stewart pointed out on his show – those inane air quotes to ridicule things (like “women’s health” in the debate). Sarah Palin’s voice combined with her constant whining and snarking about Obama make me turn the channel the second I see her. Polls have shown that Americans dislike this kind of talk and yet that seems to be all that McCain and Palin have. Is that what we want in the White House? People who show disdain for and ridicule others and lie?

It’s not what I want. I want a man who treats others with respect, is inclusive, is a gentleman, and is a scholar. I want a man who thinks before he acts, surrounds himself with competent people, listens to what others have to say, and truly puts country first. That man is Barack Obama.

Here’s Rachel’s interview of Obama, in two parts.




One response

31 10 2008

The Obamas are so classy. They could have attacked back at McCain and brought up his suicide attempt in Vietnam or his wife’s drug addiction and theft but they’ve chosen to stay positive. I can’t wait for a State of the Union Address that I will actually watch.

P.S. You’re so lucky… you can go to this: http://www.texasbookfestival.org/?detail=TBF_OnTheRoad.html

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