From KKK crosses to a black president

4 11 2008

As a white child growing up in east Tennessee in the 1950s and 1960s I remember seeing huge KKK crosses burning. I didn’t fully understand what I was seeing, but I did feel shame as a white person. My grandfather had a farm and hired several black men as farmworkers. He always referred to them as “niggers” and that term felt uncomfortable to me then. It was a way of talking about people that was demeaning…that meant they were less than in his eyes.

Today we elected a black man President of the United States. I feel such pride and have copious tears. Today is a watershed day for our country. Enough of us have overcome the hatred and the egotism and narcissm of white pride and supremacy to say we want a new day. Today we said ENOUGH to those who used racial slurs and lies to try and scare vulnerable, uneducated, and narrow-minded people to not vote for Obama.

Today we say yes to hope. We say yes to inclusiveness. We say yes to change. We say yes to all people coming together…all races, all religions, all classes, all regions, all creeds. Our country has made a historic journey. FINALLY. May racism finally be over. Let us join hands as one people now.




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5 11 2008

Congrats to you and your people. You’ve come a long way and you are a beacon of light to the rest of us that live elsewhere on this planet. I pray that you will continue to support the new President elect, because he will need it.

10 05 2009
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