Barack Obama Spontaneously Speaks to Southside Chicago Schoolchildren

27 11 2008

I guarantee that this video of Barack Obama speaking to schoolchildren yesterday will put a smile on your face. He, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia helped hand out food to homeless people at a Catholic church food center. School children had posted a sign about him in a nearby window and spontaneously he decided to go in and talk to the children. The school gathered all the children and they sat on the floor in great anticipation. When Obama entered the room, the children screamed and were wildly exhuberant.

Obama spent over 7 minutes talking to the children. He let them ask questions and asked the name of the questioners. He hugged many children. What a delight to see these children in the south side of Chicago light up with excitement. They saw someone who looks like them who shows them that anything is possible. Obama even told them that one day maybe they will be president and they screamed with delight and possibility.

The Obamas are beautiful in their personal touches, their warmth, their caring, and their reaching out and literally touching and hugging people. Michelle even picked up a young child and held her. The warmth that they share as a family they share with all of us. It is so refreshing to see this love and this example in our soon-to-be First Family. They lift us all up.

Thank you, Barack, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha. It makes me proud to call you First Family. Here’s the video. It’s not high quality, but it’s so worth watching. Enjoy!





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