Alone…with 6.7 Billion Other People

2 12 2008

Alone, but feeling my 6.7 billion brothers and sisters. Colored Christmas tree lights in a dark room. Listening to my breathing and patter on the laptop keys. Warm. Safe. Fed. Thinking about refugees and those fleeing or in constant danger in the Congo, Darfur, and so many other places. Thinking about all those who are tortured all over the world and how my country’s leaders have authorized so much torture. Thinking about the failing economy and how it personally affects me and millions of people all over the world. Thinking about all the women and children who are abused and violated and live in fear.

Alone. Thinking about the millions of other people sitting in their homes alone. Knowing that none of us are really alone. That instead of a-lone, we are really al(l)-one: all one. Each of us is important on this planet at this time. Each of us has a place. We are all connected to each other.

I’m feeling the pain of my brothers and sisters…in Mumbai and in the Congo of the late 19th and early 20th century where railroads were built and rubber was harvested through the slave labor, torture, and murder of native Africans. I am stunned at the inhumanity, the greed, and the self-aggrandizement of people like Leopold II of Belgium who did those unspeakable things in the Congo to build an empire… and Idi Amin, human traffickers, child molesters, and many others. So many innocent people have paid a price for their egomaniacal self-centeredness.

Wondering what my place is in the world is. I, with the sensitive nature who feels the pain of individuals and groups in this world. I, who is reading and learning the history and presence of so much violence and degradation in this world. I, who cares deeply for others and their plight. I, who feels a divine connection. I, who is…

Alone in the dark with the Christmas tree lights. Reflecting. Wondering. Aware. Open. All one with so many others.




2 responses

2 12 2008

“what my place is in the world is”
Great post.
My place is to understand how words work. I feel I have muscle when I make sense. It is power. But I am an extremely non violent person living in a basically predatory environment.
I think alone is the inability to connect with life. If I said the inablitily to connect with other people I would not be true to me. I am alone most of the time.
I like contact in form of words. I work with animals (cows 200 of them) and I get more honesty from my barn cats than I do from the people.
But I get more words from my computer than I ever did with my cats. I guess the internet is run by people. Mind boggling is it not?

5 12 2008

Damn that was beautiful. You reached out and touched a chord in all of us that care. I knew it. You are absolutely fabulous with your depth, wit and truth.

4 out of 4 stars. Your depth gives hope that there are more people who have the capacity to care.

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