The Price of Silence

12 12 2008

Watch some of the world’s most famous musicians singing in this powerful and uplifting Amnesty International video, which was released to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 12/10/08. Amnesty International says this about the video:

The Price of Silence is a global musical mosaic that powerfully delivers on the message that human rights begin at home and that people world-wide are united in fighting for them.

Here’s the video. As they sing, “We are all in this together, brothers and sisters….”




3 responses

13 12 2008

Yessssss Musicians from around the world taking it to the UN. I know as a musician that music brings messages to the heart and brings people together. great find…..

14 12 2008

I played percussion (and drums) for several local jazz and rock groups here in Ohio in my younger days. Music is a very big part of my life today even though I have put the sticks down for now (I always dreaam of playing again). 🙂 It is a very spiritial part of me.

15 12 2008

you ARE a kindred blogger. I posted the same video, and find much similarity between our content ^_^

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