Bush Ducks as an Iraqi Takes Aim

15 12 2008

Disrespectful? Yes. Understandable? Also yes. Bush had two shoes thrown at him today by Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zeidi during a press conference in Iraq. Showing the soles of shoes is a sign of contempt in Arab culture.

When the first one was thrown, the Iraqi journalist throwing it said: “This is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, dog.”

When he threw the second shoe, he said: “This is from the widows, the orphans and those killed in Iraq.”

Zeidi knew first-hand about the violence in Iraq: he was kidnapped last year by Shiite militiamen, tortured, and later released. He has also had relatives killed in fighting in Iraq.

Reports vary wildly of how many Iraqis have been killed since the U.S. invaded in 2003. The website http://www.IraqBodyCount.org lists 89,878 – 98,139 documented civilian Iraqi deaths in that time period. Other counts are much higher. On October 10, 2006, the New York Times reported that the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health study said that over 600,000 Iraqi deaths had occurred…and that was over two years ago.

With so many innocent Iraqi citizens killed, it’s understandable that they would feel hatred toward Bush. Saddam Hussein was responsible for over 2 million people being killed (many of these Iranians). Bush’s decision to take the U.S. into war in Iraq on false pretenses has not had the reign of terror that Saddam Hussein had, but to the Iraqis, it may feel like it…and the numbers are startling.

Bush seems to have no remorse or any feeling at all over the havoc he has created in the world and the many many lives that have been lost, destroyed, or forever changed because of his actions. Throwing shoes at him, while disrespectful, is mild considering the damage he’s done. When he’s out of office, will there be repercussions for his having authorized torture? For lying repeatedly to the American public? Will people be standing in line to “throw shoes” at him?




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15 12 2008

The Iraqi journalist was a bit to kind to Bush for calling him a dog. I have called him much worse………….. 🙂

15 12 2008

Throwing a shoe at someone is the ultimate insult for arabs, meager consolation for a country that was devastated by 6 years of war initiated by Bush and company.

15 12 2008

Consider the alternatives al-Zaidi passed up


15 12 2008

I agree that the gesture was of small consolation to the Iraqi people.
I also agree that the action was understandable.

If someone invaded my nation, killed my families, tortured my friends, stole my resources, implemented their own government, lied to the world about it all, and then smiled in my face, I could only hope to have such composure to only throw my shoes.

16 12 2008

I feel the Iraqi’s pain. It has got to be frustrating to not be allowed to cry out over the death, displacement, relocation and destruction that is going on. But as an American I feel that attacks against our president should be done by us first. Wish that we could be so lucky and start throwing pies at Bush to show how we feel, considering we are a free nation as well.

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