Bush Legacy in 8 Minutes

16 01 2009

Sobering. The two men most responsible for authorizing the United States’ use of torture will receive pensions of $196,700 (Bush) and $132,451 (Cheney) per year – both adjusted for inflation. How does that make you feel to know that your hard-earned money is going to two men who crippled our country, egregiously broke the law, and decided they were above abiding by the Geneva Conventions? Watch and be reminded of why our country is in the shape it is.




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17 01 2009
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20 01 2009

Very good point, we are paying these two nut jobs all that money (not to mention the secrete service provided till death) and the government to this point is really ignoring the facts that they are criminals. If it is right for them to be free then why not free people like Charlie Manson. Really what is worse. This is one sticking point to bringing this country back to what it should be. Prosecuting Bush and Cheney would bring about the respect for this nation here at home and abroad.

22 01 2009

wow..damning video

i imagine it could have ran several minutes longer…..

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