Saudi Arabia: Where Being Gang Raped is a Crime

3 03 2009

A 23-year-old Saudi woman accepted a ride from a man and was assaulted by him and four of his friends all night long. She became pregnant as a result of the gang rape, tried to get an abortion (which was not allowed), and was made to “confess” to “forced intercourse” with her attackers.

FloggingA judge ruled that this unmarried woman had committed adultery and sentenced her to a year in prison and 100 lashes, which is enough to cause very serious bodily damage. She will be flogged after the baby is born.

I lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia many years ago. The people there were so kind to me and my very young children. It is hard for me to reconcile that kindness with the violence that I continue to read about that is committed against women in the name of Sharia “honor.” I consider that total bullshit, cowardice, DIShonor on the part of the men who order and practice it, and a total reversal of what the prophet Mohammed intended for his people.

Please contact the White House and ask them to intervene. You can do this by going to

For more on “justice” in Saudi Arabia, read my post on a 75-year-old woman sentenced for MINGLING and the harsh sentence she just received.

UPDATE: I wrote a post about 13-year-old Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow of Somalia who experienced something similar to this. It is the most visited post on my blog and tells a truly tragic story.



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3 03 2009

In these cases it is always the woman’s fault.

There was a case last year that made little impact in the Western news about an Islamic teenager who was raped, went to the police for help, and was promptly escorted into an arena where she was buried up to her neck in the dirt and then stoned to death.

It is sickening what Sharia law does to women. And some countries in the EU are allowing it to stand in their countries as law, so it is affecting Islamic women outside the Middle East even.

4 03 2009

There is no such thing as honour killing!! it is against the muslim religion!! it is the biggest sin u could ever commit .. come on this is the 21st century.. people fall in love with people in or out of their religion .. it is not a sin!!

13 05 2009
29 06 2009

مشكلة العالم الفاضية لا شغلة ولا مشغلة غير التلقف على خلق الله
تبون مشاكل ؟ دوروها بينكم !! ولا هالحين أمريكا صايرتن نظيفة ما شاء الله ولا بها اي مشكلة عشان تدورون المشاكل خارجها

عموما “لا يضر السماء نباح الكلاب” لذلك انبحوا بقدر ما تشاؤون فما بتفرق معنا

وللعلم أعلم ان هذه المدونة مجرد دعاية ومحاولة غبية للفت الانظار تجاه المدونة ولإشهارها 🙂

one last thing , don’t talk about something if you don’t know any thing about it

N.B. : Sharia doesn’t mean “honor” .. you must learn more about this word 🙂

30 06 2009

I. The subject is about Islam + Saudi Arabia so it’s my right to write in Arabic or English & if you want to discuss any thing about any country at least you must know their language to get their True facts not depends on google translation or Wikipedia !!

II. let’s say that you wants good for Muslim women , does Muslim women complained to you and told you that we are Persecuted ?
or we could say that you are just Interfere in the affairs of others & think that they are ?

III. Don’t believe on any thing written in the newspaper or published in the news or in the internet till you sure 100% that it’s true .

IV. all Muslim men in the hole world treat the women (mothers , sisters , wifes , daughters) like a precious jewels , we love them and take care of them and never aggression them physical or their rights (I talk about the society & every society have a good persons & bad persons)
so even if this news was true , you can’t judged on a country because of the conduct of one individual .

So , if you really care about women in all over the world please go and find the women in Iraq , Palestine and Afghanistan and other countries that screaming and looking for any help from any one to give them back their rights & punish whom beat , rape and kill them !!

those women whom really need your help , not us 🙂

30 06 2009

And by the way , the picture is for a man not a woman 🙂

8 07 2009
Saurabh Verma

Hi One and Diane Beeler,

I agree to Diane’s answer to One’s comment that it is not necessary to learn the language of the country you are writing about. She has researched on the topic and wrote. One is not clear about his thought in his writing. One, you write because you think that she is targeting the country or religion. I too write about something and many thing but we don’t target anything, we just try to bring the things to light and discuss on that, exchange the thought on that.

Whatever is happening in the Arabic countries is not good in terms of humanity. We are human, we can raise out voice anytime. Most importantly, humanity is first not religion. If there is a wrong practice performed by any religion and we think is wrong, we will raise our voice. Its as simple as that. In the name of religion no one can do anything.

Diane, you have attached a picture wherein a man is being flogged not a woman.
Saurabh Verma

9 07 2009
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