LGBT (Gay) in Iraq: A Horrible Way to Die

28 04 2009

Captured, mutilated with a glue applied to seal the buttocks and then fed a powerful laxative. The result: a horrible way to die.

Credit: CNN

Credit: CNN

That’s the way an article starts about what is being done by Iraqi militias to lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgendered (LGBT) people in Iraq after a fatweh was issued against them there.

Several LGBT people have been found dead in Iraq and it is reported that there is a movement to wipe out LGBT people in Iraq altogether. I wrote about the danger for them there in my post entitled LGBT (Gay) in America…LGBT in Iraq.

Read the whole article about this horrific sexual cleansing and torture.

I hope you’ll take the time to sign online the Protect Iraqi LGBT petition to ask President Obama to get involved to stem the killing and torture of LGBT people in Iraq.

This is horrendous. Spread the word. Sign the petition or go to and ask the White House to speak out about this. It’s bad enough how gay people are treated in the United States. This is worse.



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29 04 2009
LGBT (Gay) in Iraq: A Horrible Way to Die

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29 04 2009

OK, this seriously sickened me. Here I am writing a fictional story element where the protagonist encounters the Taliban, I decide to wander a bit, and…

how horrific. 😦

25 05 2010

our country is none of your buisness .. iraq is a free country and will always be one .. and non-iraqi people have nothing to do in our countries law ..
secondly .. look how many issues occured in France just because they let gays get marry to other gays .. they are now living in a totall mess .. if we don’t stop gays now .. they will spread more and more and HIV will spread with them and divorce will spread with them and and and … be reasonable for gods sake ..

23 01 2011

when i read this it made my stomach hurt and i was in pain for all the people that are going though this aim a gay man that live in the USA and i thank this is wrong and not only wrong but this is is inhumane… but i do have to say that people that are in realign tell me that since aim gay i wile die and go to hell you see i don’t thank god going to send me to hell because i would never hurt a soul i truly believe that people that do this to other people will die and go to hell”’ what is wrong with thesis people i mean if you cut us don’t we bleed also if you give us a change to love don’t we love also if you i mean are we all not human no matter what the color of our skin is our our what we believe in our who we date our don’t date i whirs ever one could learn to respect and love human life stuff like this is what is going to wipe all man off the face of the earth thank you and god bless you

25 10 2011

Please sign the petition that I created at to get the Catholic church to pressure the Islamic religious leaders to stop the hunting down and killing of the sexual minority in Iraq. The Catholic leadership has been the veto vote in the United Nations to act on stopping the genocide of the sexual minority in Iraq. Log onto and type in their search engine, “Catholic Leadership in Rome” and that will take you to my petition to sign. Many thanks.

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