SLAP HER: Advice at a Saudi Domestic Violence Seminar

11 05 2009

Judge Hamad Al-Razine advised men to slap their wives at a recent seminar in Saudi Arabia on domestic violence. Here’s what he said:

If a person gives SR 1,200 [$320] to his wife and she spends 900 riyals [$240] to purchase an abaya [the black cover that women in Saudi Arabia must wear] from a brand shop and if her husband slaps her on the face as a reaction to her action, she deserves that punishment.

Credit: AFP Getty Images

Credit: AFP Getty Images

Women in the audience booed…and rightly so. Arab News, which reported this, said that Al-Razine was trying to explain why domestic violence has increased recently when he made the comments. Al-Razine said that women and men shared responsibility, but also said that “nobody puts even a fraction of blame on women.” 

According to Arab News, Al-Razine: 

…also pointed out that women’s indecent behavior and use of offensive words against their husbands were some of the reasons for domestic violence in the country.

I lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for 14 months many years ago. Every time I see stories like this, it makes me angry. This is yet another example of men…and this time validated by a judge…using violence to subjugate women. Women have little opportunity to be indecent in this country. They wear veils everywhere they go. They cannot socialize, attend classes, work, or even be seen with a man who is not their husband. When friends come to visit in homes, men socialize with the men in one room and women visit with the women in another room.

It’s a religion that men use to repress women and attitudes like the one this judge displayed…and at a seminar on domestic violence…that keep Saudi women from gaining basic rights and being free from domestic violence.

It’s never okay to slap a woman. NEVER.




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12 05 2009

This just makes me crazy!

I appreciate the perspective you bring on stories from Saudi Arabia because of your experience living there.

12 05 2009

This is disappointing. I have read that there is a movement to ease this repression, but it seems to be exceedingly slow in coming about. If women ever wake up over there, there is going to be one heck of a backlash.

13 05 2009
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13 05 2009
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[…] SLAP HER: Advice at a Saudi Domestic Violence Seminar « IT DAWNED … […]

28 05 2009

people please listen to everything and use your heads,if all the saudi men treat their mowan just like whats written above then its not noraml and you will not find a very happy families!! not all muslim men treat their wives the same , im from a muslim family and my dad treats my mom as a queen she can buy what ever she wants ,she stays at home with us ( though she worked for a while) she travels alone ,go shopping alone ,do what ever she wants . you cannot say saudi men do this and dont do that ,we’re not the same its like when we see somebody coloured kill somebody and we say ALL COLOURED PEOPLE ARE CRAZY will lsn to me carefully THIS IS NOT TRUE .

you people need to go deep inside yourself and think muslim saudi people also pray for the same god as jews and christians ,and we all know that god told as to respect each other and treat womans as queens.

24 01 2010

Birth control? These dumb women that are “helping” need to be realistic. If you want to turn things around – start with birth control. I don’t feel sorry for the people in these stories I want to slap them to.

24 01 2010

I meant – I want to slap them too.

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