1.2 Million Child Prostitutes in India

12 05 2009

This is heartbreaking. Over one million children live treacherous and degraded lives due to being trafficked in prostitution in India. And 100 million people are involved in human trafficking in India. ONE HUNDRED MILLION. These numbers are staggering and incredibly disturbing.

Child Prostitute in India

Child Prostitute in India

This is a country that has so much poverty and yet so much promise. Business has exploded there. And yet it is definitely a country of the haves and the have nots…those who are benefitting from the business explosion and those who live in the slums in abject poverty. Opportunists play both sides…the wealthy buy children to have sex with. The poor sell their children into prostitution. They are all players in this sick and soul-killing game.

If India as a country and as a people does not take bold steps to raise up the poor and stamp out child prostitution, they will see generations of moral and spiritual destitution and poverty that will plague them and destroy any potential greatness their country could realize.

Here’s the CNN article on this:

NEW DELHI, India (CNN) — Around 1.2 million children are believed to be involved in prostitution in India, the country’s federal police said Monday.

Ashwani Kumar, who heads the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), told a seminar on human trafficking, that India occupied a “unique position” as what he called a source, transit nation and destination of this trade.

India’s home secretary Madhukar Gupta remarked that at least 100 million people were involved in human trafficking in India.

“The number of trafficked persons is difficult to determine due to the secrecy and clandestine nature of the crime.

“However, studies and surveys sponsored by the ministry of women and child development estimate that there are about three million prostitutes in the country, of which an estimated 40 percent are children,” a CBI statement said.

Prostitution in pilgrim towns, exploitation through sex tourism and pedophilia are some of some of the “alarming trends” that have emerged in recent years in India, it noted.

Authorities believe 90 percent of human trafficking in India is “intra-country.”

UPDATE 9/27/09: Please visit my friend Shelley Seale’s blog on her book The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children in India. She writes about traveling there four times and witnessing the horrors of children living in orphanages, in the slums, and being vulnerable to being trafficked.



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12 05 2009

It is truly devastating. And yet everyday I read of yet another organization setting out to help street kids in India. Some day in the very near future I hope to see the tide turn.

12 05 2009

This is horrifying! Something has to be done about human trafficking.

2 06 2009

Child Prostitution should be STOPPED! They need a good role model. Its’ so frustrating to see these young teenagers/adults suffering the way they are!

19 06 2009
Cleanse your mind, Sing a song, and get out and make a difference « Mixi’s Weblog

[…] the hunger that attacks the country today. A year with Sanma fighting child prostitution in India, so heart breaking. I could also go into the Peace Corps for two years and help people from all over the […]

23 06 2009

Child prostitution needs to be stopped…children are innocent and should not be born into a life of horror and misery.asa mother of a beautiful 2 yrold girl it kills my soul to know that helpless children are being tossed around like their lives aren’t worth anything…

12 07 2009
mrs k

india has done this for hundreds of years or thousands. they need to get rid of the evil aspects of certain religions, which promote this child rape as part of their pagan worship. notice how the article says they are prevalent in “pilgrim towns” what does that mean? it means it is for religious prostitution purposes in some cases. talk about your indiana jones and the temple of doom. some of these religions and their practitioners have also come to america, but they are very secretive as they know it is not legal or tolerated here. however they believe in it, it is unfortunately part of their culture. i personally think that some young child disappearances or kidnappings here in the usa, are possibly related to the operations of this kind of groups.
in india they actually buy the little kids from poor parents, then train them to be prostitutes from a very very young age. it is well known in india, and there used to be a christian radio talk show about it that i remember lasted for many years. there have been christian missionaries that focus on eliminating this phenomenon and getting the kids out of it.

27 09 2009
Shelley Seale

Diane, Thank you so much for highlighting this important issue. It is so extremely heartbreaking, and painful, to read about that most people turn away. It IS very painful, but we must face what is going on and take a stand where we can to end this practice so that more children’s childhoods aren’t ended this way. I really appreciate you talking about it.
Shelley Seale, Author
The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children of India

17 10 2009
Nobin sherpa

it is very easy to say that we have to eradicate these prostitution from our place but we must think about the hunger,poverty, they have.

12 11 2009
Mr. B

MISERABLE PEOPLE ARE dangerous for the simple reason they don’t care whether the earth survives or not. They are so miserable that deep down they may think it would be better if everything were finished. Who cares, if you are living in misery?

Only happy people, ecstatic people, dancing people would like this planet to survive forever.

Seriousness is simply a sickness of the soul, but sincerity is altogether a different phenomenon.

A serious man cannot laugh, cannot dance, cannot play. He is always controlling himself, he has become a jailer to himself. The sincere man can rejoice sincerely, can dance sincerely, can laugh sincerely. And in laughter your body joins, your mind joins, your being joins — the divisions disappear, the schizophrenic personality disappears.

Laughter brings your energy back to you.
Taking laughter away from you is spiritual castration.

The people who have gathered around me are learning how to be more happy, how to be more meditative, how to laugh more, live more, love more, and spread love, laughter around the world. This is the only protection against nuclear weapons.

If the whole globe can learn to love and laugh and enjoy and dance, then politicians will look surprised: What has happened? The whole world seems to have gone mad!

People who are happy, contented, are not the people to be forced to kill other people who have not done any harm to them. It is not surprising that all the armies down the ages have been kept sexually repressed — because those sexually repressed people are bound to be destructive. Their very repression forces them to destroy something.

Have you ever watched in your own being — when you are happy, joyful, you want to create something. When you are miserable, suffering, you want to destroy something. It is a revenge. All the armies are kept in a state of repressed sexuality so the moment they get to kill, that becomes their joy. At least their repressed energies are expressed, of course in a very ugly way, an inhuman way. But some expression is there.

Have you ever noticed painters, poets, sculptors, dancers are never sexually repressed people. In fact, they are oversexual; they love too much. They love too many people. Perhaps one person is not enough to exhaust their love. They have been condemned by the priests down the ages: “These poets, painters, sculptors, musicians, these are not good people.” And these are the only people who have made this humanity something beautiful, who have contributed to the world some flowers of joy, some flowers of music, some beautiful dances. It is one of the fundamentals of life that unless you create, you don’t reach to your fullest dignity.

Your creativity brings freedom, strength, intelligence and consciousness.

What have the priests done to the world? They have burned women, calling them witches. They have killed people who belong to other faiths. They have not been creative people. They have not enhanced the earth and they have not enhanced life.

We need a great respect for creative people of any dimension.

And we should learn how to transform our energies so that they are not repressed, so that they are expressed in your love, in your laughter, in your joy. And this earth is more than a paradise — you don’t have to go anywhere.

Paradise is not something that has to be achieved, it is something that has to be created.

It depends on us.

This crisis gives a chance for courageous people to disconnect themselves from the past and start living in a new way — not modified, not continuous with the past, not better than the past, but absolutely new.

And it has to be done now — because the time is very short. By the end of the twentieth century, either we will enter into the first century of a new history of man or there will be no one left, not even a single wildflower alive. Everything will be dead.

Apart from neutron bombs, which already exist, there are experiments going on in the Soviet Union and perhaps in America too, on death rays. Rather than dropping the bomb, it is far easier to spread death rays which simply kill the living people, the animals, birds, trees. Only dead things — houses, temples, churches — will remain. It will be really a nightmare. And those death rays are not visible. We know they exist, they are just trying to find out how to spread them, how to reach a certain destination and destroy all living beings that they come across.

We need more happy people around the earth to prevent the third world war. These nuclear weapons and these destructive war machines cannot work by themselves. They are being worked by human beings; behind them are human hands.

A hand that knows the beauty of a rose flower cannot drop a bomb on Hiroshima.

A hand that knows the beauty of love is not the hand to keep a gun loaded with death. Just a little contemplation and you will understand what I am saying.

I am saying: spread laughter, spread love, spread life affirmative values, grow more flowers around the earth. Everything that is beautiful, appreciate it — and everything that is inhuman, condemn it.

If you want to change the world into a totally new phenomenon with a new human consciousness, you will have to take this whole earth away from the hands of the politicians and the priests. Man has to be freed from these monsters.

Our work is to teach people consciousness, more awareness, more love, more understanding, more joy, and to spread the dance and celebration around the earth.

Reduced to one single statement, I can say: if we can make humanity happy, there is not going to be any third world war.

The Greatest Challenge: the Golden Future

3 01 2010
mr lados

That’ the fucking India. Selling their own daughter to be prostitute. What the hells they’re doing. Trading like selling and bying goods. Are they religious? Having theor own religion.. Hindus. Shame on them… Poor fucking Indian….

3 07 2011

The religion of India is man made, and the therefore is full of problems. Their religion controls every aspect of their lives even to their health! They can’t eat cows which their coutry is full of because some guy said so thousands of years ago! Their cows are healthier than they are. Until they can escape the bondage of their religion there is no hope for India or it’s people.

19 11 2011
I love India

@ Mr.Lades.. It all because all bloody Europeans and Americans. who come to India for Sex Tour.. First Cut their **************

20 11 2011

its shameless.

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