The Audacity of Having a Voice

17 06 2009

We have so villified the Iranians. Made them to be the enemy. Bush called them part of the “axis of evil.” We have feared them, mistrusted them, hated them, wanted to harm them.

Credit: Huffington Post

Credit: Huffington Post

I am in awe of the Iranian people. These are people standing up for freedom and for having a voice. Would you have such courage to protest as they are doing now?

Why, when Bush stole the election in 2000, did people in the United States not stand up and protest? Why, when Bush tortured people and we knew about it, did we not cast him and Cheney out of office? Why, when we knew that the Bush Administration was monitoring ordinary citizens, clamping down our human rights, and creating legal documents to make themselves a monarchy with absolute authority did we do nothing?

Where is our moral courage and passion to march, protest, and demand an end to child trafficking or sexual abuse or violence against women? What about children going hungry even in our own country or people living in tents or elderly people who can’t afford their prescriptions? Do we stand up and say ENOUGH!? Do we write our lawmakers who make light of these situations and spend more money on weapons than feeding people and helping the afflicted? Do we do ANYTHING? 

Would you march silently to give voice and to stand up for something you strongly believe in? Is there anything so important to you that you would risk arrest, injury, or even death as the Iranians are doing? 

Consider spending 10 minutes each day in meditation for healing in our world. It’s the least we can do.

Here is a video of people in Tehran peacefully protesting the election results today. This brings tears to my eyes. This is courage and conviction in action. I hope that we can all begin to see the Iranians…and so many other people speaking out all over the world for freedom from violence and freedom for a voice…as our brothers and sisters who are to be loved and applauded and not enemies to be feared and hated.





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17 06 2009

It’s been an amazing story to follow. I, too, have been amazed at the nearly silent throngs marching. It’s incredible to watch.

Let’s hope and pray that their efforts bear fruit.

18 06 2009
Grandpa Eddie

Complacency has a stranglehold on the American public.
Too many people feel that if it doesn’t directly affect them, why should they care.
What they don’t realize is that if it doesn’t effect them right now, one day it will.
By then, it will be to late to do anything about it.

21 06 2009

And why is John McCain saying how we, the USA, have to be more forceful with our support for the Iranian voters who feel bitter and cheated. I don’t recall him saying a word in 2000 or 2004 when many people in this country felt the same way. Not a peep from him.

To answer your question about why we sat around during 8 years of the Bush admin., I would say that most people are focused on themselves. Period. Protesting and writing letters takes time. Wiretapping will catch bad guys who are trying to take away are superior quality of life. I’m living in upstate New York and the quality of life here (for many people) is the pits. These are the same people who really think Middle East radicals want to destroy their mobile home, tv disk and their ‘freedoms’ that allow them the opportunity to work at a Wal Mart or the gas station.

24 06 2009
Albertus Van Wyk

Finaly the poeple of Iran resist the represion and go in to the streets to protest to the questionable outcome of pseudo regular elections!
I am spiritualy with the poeple of Iran!

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