Roman Polanski: Brilliant Director and PEDOPHILE

2 10 2009

In 1977, 44-year-old Roman Polanski drugged and vaginally and anally raped 13-year-old Samantha Geimer even while she repeatedly pleaded with him to stop. He fled the country in 1978 before his sentencing and has never returned to the U.S., not even when he won the Academy Award for Best Director for his movie The Pianist in 2002.

Besides that amazing movie, he has directed other noted movies such as Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown. Polanski hasn’t just led a charmed life, though; he has experienced tragedy in his life. He escaped the Krakow ghetto in 1943 at age 10. His mother was executed in a concentration camp. His 8 1/2-month pregnant wife, the beautiful actress Sharon Tate, was murdered in 1969 by followers of Charles Manson.

But all of that doesn’t excuse a man…any man…of raping a child. Polanski was arrested on 9/26/09 at the Zurich, Switzerland airport; he was to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Zurich Film Festival. Lots of famous Hollywood types (many directors themselves) like Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Woody Allen, Mike Nichols, Michael Mann, and Whoopi Goldberg (who had the audacity to say “It wasn’t rape rape”) are DEFENDING Roman Polanski and THEY are acting outraged that he is being detained in a Swiss jail.

The man is a pedophile. Around two years before he raped Geimer, he had a “romantic relationship” (that’s how it’s reported on Wikipedia…folks, he’s a PEDOPHILE) with 15-year-old actress Nastassja Kinski.

This reminds me of the case of R&B singer R. Kelly. He’s probably most known for the song “I Think I Can Fly” and has a beautiful voice, but R. Kelly is also a pedophile. He has escaped being sent to jail several times even though he’s been found in possession of child pornography including a tape he made of him “having sex” with an underage girl. He also married his protege, the 15-year-old singer Aaliyah (who had to lie about her age to get married)…who he had worked with since she was 12 years old… in 1994.

The response in these two cases is outrageous. In both cases people have closed ranks and supported the guy who was one of them. The Hollywood types are supporting Polanski and African-Americans supported R. Kelly. I checked a forum where African-Americans post and the people speaking out on Polanski almost uniformly believe he should go to jail. People on that same forum stood up for R. Kelly (and also the batterer hip-hop singer Chris Brown) and thought he was being racially targeted when he was being tried for being a pedophile.

When will we stop defending child molesters? I don’t care if you’re rich or poor, famous or not famous, black or white, from the U.S. or from Saudi Arabia, Christian or Muslim, it is NEVER OKAY to molest children. And I am sick of the press saying that an adult “had sex with” a child or that it was “consensual.” It is NEVER consensual and it is not “having sex” when a child is involved. It is RAPE. Children are never responsible and they cannot freely consent to sex with an adult. It is always about adults using their power (and in the Polanski case also drugs) over children.

Bottom line? No matter how wonderful Roman Polanski’s movies have been, he is a fugitive from the law and a child rapist. He belongs in prison. PERIOD.



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2 10 2009

I hate the way the media uses language and I am disgusted with these “stars” that are coming to Polansky’s defense (and think it is especially twisted of Woody Allen-takes one to know one, eh?). I enjoy his movies as much as anybody else, I think many of them are especially good even, but it will never change the fact that he has some legal matters that need to be resolved in California…

21 10 2009

Well said!!!I’m an artist and love Polanski’s films but he SHOULD PAY FOR WHAT HE DID!!! All the pedophiles should be punished hard!!!

19 11 2009
Ray Phillips

I totaly agree with the comments people have made here.I have seen the Pianist and even though parts of it are good I have seen much better films.There is no esxcuse for this behaviour at all. My Swiss wife was abused as a child and I know the terrible physocological scars that stay with them forever.I lived and worked near Zurich and commend the Zurich police for the arrest. It broke our marriage up,People that have committed this crime including women should be brought to justice and the sooner the better.


22 04 2010

actually, he isnt a pedophile. he is a child sex offender.

a pedophile is sexually aroused by slim, hairless, prepubescent children and are repulsed by the adult bodies. pedophiles are approximately 10% of all child sex offenders but since their victims “age out” of being “sexually attractive” they often leave a high number of victims.

5 03 2011

“…cannot freely consent…”
I’d recommend any balanced book to you; I’d recommend Larry L. Constantine; Floyd M. Martinson; the Germans had an amazing study of 8,058 relationships; even the American Model Penal Code (of the 1950’s?) written after ten years of study. (But not Alfred Kinsey).

I agree about Polanski.

19 11 2011

That just goes to show how society perceives money. If you have it, you can get away with almost anything. That’s no worse than the rich raping the poor and it involves more people.

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